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DOT CDL Physical Exam | Get Your Medical Card

Our NRCME certified medical examiner offer DOT Physical for CDL and Non-CDL drivers. With his extensive knowledge of the DOT Physical Exam guidelines that meet the requirements of the FMCSA Department of Transportation (DOT), our certified medical examiner will guide you through the medical standards so you can maintain your DOT Medical Exam Certification.

Our DOT Physical Exam office is centrally located in Fairfax, VA, near Fairfax County Judicial Center, serving Northern Virginia.

Never Get Stuck in the Waiting Room. 

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Only $78.00 for Complete DOT Physical (New or Renewal)

Services Provided

  • DOT CDL Driver Physical Exams: We offer DOT physical exams for commercial and non-commercial driver’s licenses.
  • Same Day Appointment Possible: To make things as convenient for you, you can request a same day appointment, and we will do our best to accommodate your requested date and time.
  • Driver Helpful - Phrase LogoWe help drivers. Drivers with certain medical conditions need a medical examiner who not only knows the medical requirements, but who is interested in helping the driver maintain their livelihood.
  • Free laminated medical card for your wallet.
  • Free fax of your certificate to Virginia DMV upon request.
  • Natural Pain Management: In addition to DOT medical exams for drivers, we offer chiropractic & acupuncture to help relieve neck pain, back pain, headache, and other chronic conditions.

Meet the Doctor

Our Certified Medical Examiner is listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). Our examiner understands how important it is that you pass your test. He also knows how improved lifestyle choices and healthier habits can protect your livelihood, and he’ll be glad to discuss these options with you during your DOT physical exam.

What to Expect During Your DOT Physical Exam

3 Easy Steps

A DOT physical exam is a simple process that involves medical history, the exam, and the necessary paperwork.

STEP 1. Medical History: You will fill out a brief one-page medical history detailing past illnesses, diseases that run in your family, and your overall health.  We have these forms for you at our clinic.

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STEP 2. The Exam: After you provide your medical history, our examiner will review the information you provided, go over any medical conditions you may have, and perform the exam. The exam may include:

  • Basic urinalysis test (glucose, protein, blood and specific gravity)
  • Measurement of height and weight
  • Measurement of blood pressure and pulse
  • Range of motion test
  • Eye and ear examination

Note: You will NOT be tested for drugs or alcohol during a routine physical.

STEP 3. Paperwork for Certificate: Once your medical history and exam are complete, the clinic will fill out all the necessary paperwork to process the exam results. After you successfully pass the physical and completion of paperwork, you’ll get your DOT medical certificate to keep with you at all times when you’re driving.

Preparing for Your DOT Physical ** Important **

DOT physical exam only takes about 20 – 30 minutes.

On the day of the exam, you’ll have to bring with you the following items (where applicable):

  1. Driver’s License or Photo identification
  2. Current CDL Medical Card (if applicable)
  3. Eye glasses or contact lenses if you wear them
  4. Hearing aids if you wear them
  5. List of medications, including strength and dosage
  6. Medical records
  • Diabetic Patient:  Bring your most recent A1C reading from your physician.
  • Heart surgery, Heart attack or other cardiac condition history: A Clearance letter to safely operate a commercial vehicle is required from your cardiologist, including a normal EKG must be provided.
  • Mental Health history: You need a letter of clearance from a mental health professional indicating your condition is stable and any medications do not interfere with your ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle.
  • Sleep Apnea: You must use a CPAP mask and present printed compliance of 70% or greater.
  • Contact information, including names, phone numbers, and fax numbers for all your doctors

Make sure you drink a glass of water, as you will have to provide a urine sample.


Pass Your DOT Medical Exam! Our examiner knows how important it is that you continue your livelihood as a commercial driver. With his extensive knowledge of the DOT Physical Exam medical guidelines, he will guide you through the DOT Physical Exam requirements.

How to Manage Your Blood Pressure for DOT Exam

We understand how important it is for you to pass your DOT physical exam. To help prepare yourself for the appointment, here are things you can do in the days and weeks leading up to your exam:

  • Take your medication every day as prescribed and on schedule
  • Tell our examiner if you’ve recently missed a dose so that he can recheck your pressure later on or the following day
  • Reduce your caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and salt consumption

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