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Facial Acupuncture: Natural Alternative

Woman getting Facial AcupunctureFacial Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture is a painless, non-surgical cosmetic method of reducing the signs of the aging process. It is sometimes referred to as Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture, but it is more than a cosmetic procedure. It is a rejuvenation and revitalization process designed to help the whole body look and feel younger. Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Licensed Acupuncturist will choose specific points on the face, neck and body to manipulate the movement of energy and blood in the body according to the individual’s needs. Our Virginia Licensed Acupuncturist knows how to specifically effect the face while simultaneously treating the underlying factors that contribute to the aging process.

Why Does Skin Sag?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), wrinkles begin internally from a constitutional imbalance and fundamental weakness of Qi (pronounced “chee”). Qi circulates throughout the body within a series of pathways called meridians. Flowing through these pathways, Qi provides nourishment, support, and energy to every cell, skin, muscle, and organ.

As we get older it becomes more difficult for Qi to flow upwards to “lift” the face. This leads to inadequate muscle tone, and over time, wrinkles and sagging skin. A variety of factors can contribute to this—poor diet, indigestion and poor circulation, or emotional and environmental stresses.

Give Your Skin A Lift

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture may erase as many as five to ten years from the face, with results apparent after just a few treatments by promoting your body’s natural production of elastin, collagen and blood flow to the face and neck. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture tightens pores, improves muscle tone and dermal contraction, while enhancing and increasing the elasticity of the skin. Bags under the eyes can be reduced, droopy eyelids lifted, puffiness eliminated, jowls firmed, double chins reduced, and scarring from previous wounds or acne minimized. Acupuncture can reduce signs of aging by strengthening and stimulating the circulation of Qi within the meridian pathways, especially those of the face. You will look and feel more energetic, calm, vibrant and healthy.

Generally, it consists of 10 to 15 treatments. The effects become most noticeable about the seventh to ninth session. Each individual responds differently, depending on his or her condition and lifestyle.

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture is virtually painless, and a non-surgical method to reduce the signs of aging. Before using drugs or surgery to improve appearance, consider acupuncture. It is an effective, natural, safe, drug-free, and painless alternative. It helps your face and whole body to look and feel younger.

Why Choose Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture over Botox or a Surgical Facelift?

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture is proven.

Long-term radiant health of your body is the most important reason to go with Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture.  It has already attracted great attention in China, Korea, Japan, and Europe. A 1996 report in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that among 300 cases treated with Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture, over 90% had marked effects with one course of treatment. The effects included:

  • skin became more delicate and fair
  • elasticity of facial muscles improved
  • wrinkles diminished
  • complexion healthier/brighter
  • all body rejuvenation not confined to the face

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture is not a replacement for facelift, cosmetic surgery or Botox, but it is an excellent natural alternative. It is far less costly than cosmetic surgery and is safe, virtually painless, has no side effects or risk of disfigurement. Botox (botulinum toxin) can cause serious life-threatening side effects in some people. With Botox, some of the risks may include allergic reactions, possibly paralysis of surrounding nerves, which impair natural facial expressions. New research has revealed that this neuro-toxin can affect brain function1. With fillers, patients commonly experience puffiness, swelling, bruising and extended bed rest and downtime. With cosmetic surgery, many risks are involved such as anesthesia complications, a long recovery with days to weeks of discomfort, nerve damage to the face, allergic reactions to the drugs and scarring just to name a few.

Facial Acupuncture Is Not a Band-Aid Approach

Your face and body are rejuvenating from the inside out.  With facial acupuncture your results will last for longer periods, since the collagen built has been produced by your body. Lastly, you will never have to worry about the long-term adverse side effects.

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture in Northern Virginia can provide a safe, effective, natural, and Botox-free approach to reducing the signs of aging. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture using this modernized ancient technique can improve muscle and skin tone of your face and neck while addressing underlying imbalances that may have contributed to the aging process.

Benefits of Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture

  • Better muscle tone and dermal contraction
  • More collagen production
  • More elastin production
  • Less bags under the eyes
  • Lifts drooping eyelids
  • Less sagging jowls
  • Firmer jaw line
  • Diminishes wrinkles
  • Reduce facial scar tissue appearance
  • Hormone balancing for hormonal acne or dry skin
  • Better facial complexion through increased circulation
  • Better skin tone
  • Tightens pores
  • Less facial puffiness
  • Reduces age spots (sun damage)
  • More vibrant complexion
  • More sparkling eyes

Facial Rejuvenation acupuncturist places needles gently in the facial muscles to stimulate the channels that have points on the face. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture patients have noticed their digestion, stress, and sleep improved after treatments. General health acupuncture benefits include but are not limited to: reduced anxiety or depression, reduced hot flashes, increased energy, reduced insomnia, improved digestion, and weight management.

Ready To Get Started with Facial Rejuvenation?

To learn more about Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture and how it can help you look and feel younger, call our acupuncture clinic in Northern Virginia.



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