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Acupuncture to Improve Vision for Eye Diseases

miAcupuncture to improve Eyesight


We provide acupuncture eye treatments to improve vision for our patients with degenerative eye diseases that affect their eyesight. We use innovative acupuncture eye therapy based on Chinese Medicine Ophthalmology. This acupuncture eye therapy is a breakthrough in eye health treatment, which effectively achieves remarkable results for different types of visual function impairments. We customized treatment plan to a patient’s condition and needs to achieve the best results.

Degenerative Eye Conditions We Treat:


Eye Anatomy with Retina and MaculaVision impairment is detrimental and affecting many areas of your everyday life quality. Furthermore, recovery can be very challenging, requiring dedication, commitment, persistence and the ability to comply with the prescribed treatments. Health is a journey, and your journey to better vision will be well worth it.

Acupuncture Eye Therapy for degenerative eye diseases consists of stimulating specific traditional acu-points around the eyebrows and acu-vision points on the arms and legs. As a result, these acupuncture points will help to improve blood circulation and Qi (pronounced “chee”) to the eyes to support the health of macula, retina, and optic nervous system, which have effects in improving visual system functions.  Our treatment program is unique to most acupuncturists and specific to enhancement of eye health.

We offer both one-week (10 sessions) and two-week (20 sessions) treatment protocol. Generally we recommend new patient two-week program so we can get a full understanding of the patient and determine how the patient responds to the program. The treatments involve using a combination of many different techniques and modalities. For instance, acupuncture eye specialist offers traditional acupuncture, Micro AcupunctureTM, AcuNova, electro-acupuncture, customized Chinese herbal formulas, and nutritional counseling approaches to activate the cells to enhance functions of visual system.  Nevertheless, no needle goes into the eye.

What to Expect

  • We recommend getting a full checkup with an ophthalmologist or optometrist before the course of treatment. It is very important that all of our eye patients visit optometrists or ophthalmologists for diagnostics before coming to our clinic.
  • At the beginning of treatment, we review the patient’s medical history and conduct an evaluation to establish a baseline.
  • After that, according to examination results and assessment of a patient’s condition, the plan of treatment will be discussed.
  • Therapy consists of one to three treatment sessions a day with minimum one-hour break between the sessions. Each treatment session is 30-45 minutes. Acupuncture treatments are performed from Monday to Friday.
  • Customized Chinese herb formula may be provided.
  • After about 10 treatments, we re-evaluate and determine if the treatments are working. Patients will usually notice improved visual fields, color vision, contrast, sharpness, dark adaptation and night vision.
  • We recommend getting a full checkup with an optometrist or ophthalmologist after the series of treatments to accurately measure improvements and determine if further treatment is necessary. Each person’s health is different, and results will vary from person to person so it is important to accurately monitor the progression.
  • A personalized care plan is developed to the patient’s specific needs. This includes the recommendations on home care, to avoid overworking and stressing the eyes.
  • Patient can repeat course of Acupuncture Eye Therapy if patient can benefit from it.


New patients must understand that this is not a “miracle cure.” The goal is retain remaining eyesight through maintenance treatments. Improvement of the visual field will last for months to a year depending on severity of the condition, lifestyle, and nutrition. To support your vision, degenerative eye conditions need maintenance and will only get worse if neglected. The frequency of maintenance visits varies depends on the patient and their individual conditions. Most patients return for treatment every three to six months for the first year, then continue with maintenance treatments.

For Out-of-Town Patients: Treatments are usually performed over the course of two weeks, but can be compressed down to one week in the interest of time.  We have found that we still achieve similar positive results.  Following the initial course of treatment, we will re-test your vision to assess your progress. If we find that you have benefited from the treatment, we recommend that you return again within 3-12 months, depending on the practitioner’s recommendations.

Q & A

Is the Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Some plans do cover acupuncture treatments, but for pain management only. They will not cover acupuncture eye therapy. For this reason, we require the payment up front, and we will provide receipts or superbills upon request to submit to the insurance company. Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance do not cover acupuncture treatments.

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